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Wilshire Corridor Condo Buildings

AddressBuilding NameUnit CountYear BuiltHeight (in Stories)
10777 Wilshire BlvdThe Liddel5620196
10776 Wilshire BlvdThe Carlyle78200824
10800 Wilshire BlvdThe Californian802006?
10727 Wilshire BlvdRemington93200124
10795 Wilshire BlvdThe Venezia2520016
10580 Wilshire BlvdThe Wilshire971991
10380 Wilshire BlvdLa Tour73199020
10430 Wilshire BlvdMirabella114198222
10490 Wilshire BlvdBlair House128198928
10520 Wilshire BlvdDorchester108198916
10560 Wilshire BlvdTen Five Sixty1081982
10551 Wilshire BlvdRegency Wilshire75198218
10601 Wilshire BlvdWilshire House661982
10350 Wilshire BlvdDiplomat64198218
10550 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Thayer50198218
10660 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Manning78198018
10445 Wilshire BlvdThe Grand109198021
10750 Wilshire BlvdWestford66198018
10790 Wilshire BlvdLongford82197918
10535 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Marquis2041978
10590 Wilshire BlvdWestholme841976
10751 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Selby West90197212
10747 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Selby East90197212
10701 Wilshire BlvdCrown Towers119197222
10501 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Regent2071963
10433 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Holmby1171963
10787 Wilshire BlvdMarie Antoinette551962
10450 Wilshire BlvdChurchill1101961
875-865 ComstockWilshire Comstock1081961
10375 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Terrace801958
10645 Wilshire BlvdWilshire Westwood Terrace1919554
10724 Wilshire BlvdThe Park Wilshire156198916

There are 2 highrise condos nearby that are not on the Wilshire Corridor but are very similar you may also want to check out:

1333 S Beverly Glen Blvd- Glen Towers

969 Hilgard Ave