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Warner Elementary School

Warner Wildcat is Warner Elementary Mascot

Quick Facts

Warner Avenue Elementary


Warner Avenue Elementary is located in Westwood in the heart of Holmby Hills, very close to the Wilshire Corridor, UCLA and the Los Angeles Country Club

615 Holmby Ave
Los Angeles CA 90024

Grades: K-5

Enrollment: 647 Students

API: 960 (2013)

Student teacher ratio 20:1
School Demographics

Public School that feels Like a Private school!

Warner is a traditional school that focuses on academics. Parent’s who favor progressive education usually don’t like it. The academics are very rigorous and there is lots of homework assigned to students. The school scores extraordinarily well on state wide testing and is one of the best elementary schools in the LAUSD system. Many parents who send their children to Warner feel like it’s a private school, but it is not- it is a public school and tuition is free. Many of the homeowners in the attendance boundaries of Warner could choose to send their children to a private school if they wished but don’t because Warner is on par with private schools.

Many parents donate to the school to augment the abysmally low $6,000 per student state funding. The Parent group is very active and involved at Warner. Some parents don’t like being routinely asked to donate money to the school when their child is enrolled in a public school and it is not required, but you have to face facts- a comparable private school education (John Thomas Dye) would cost ~$30,000 a year- you can fork over a couple thousand dollars for your child to get a great education.

Warner has a goal of keeping their student to teacher ratio at 20 to 1 which is higher than private schools that average 15 to 1, but still very low! At 4rd grade and 5th grade the student teacher ratio increases slightly to 25 to 1.

The school has an arts, music, and sports program, as well as a computer lab. The campus is clean and it has some very good teachers. Many parents at Warner love the STAR afterschool program. School events include Winter and Spring Sing, Halloween Haunt, and several field trips throughout the year.

Attendance Boundary

A large portion of Warner’s attendance boundary (section 1 on the map) can choose either Roscomare or Warner. Wilshire Blvd is divided directly in half. The north side of the Wilshire Corridor goes to Warner, the south side of the street goes to Fairburn.


Warner matriculates to Emerson Middle School. Paul Revere is considered a better middle school than Emerson, so some parents try to get their children accepted at Revere and drive them. There is a Charted Bus currently that picks up at Holmby park parents sending their middle schoolers to Revere can use. Sign up is $1,200/yr.

Many private schools like accepting Warner Ave students, so that is an option for parents as well.

 Nearby Elementary Schools:

John Thomas Dye School (Private)

Community Magnet Charter School (Magnet)

Fairburn Elementary School (Public)

Roscomare Rd Elementary School (Public)

Homes for Sale in Warner Avenue Elementary School District:


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