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Sierra Towers

Sierra Towers
9255 Doheny Rd
West Hollywood CA 90069

Sierra Towers is a full service luxury high rise condominium building in one of the best locations on the westside. It is Located at the end of the sunset strip, just steps before Beverly Hills, at the base of the Hollywood Hills Doheny Estates. The building is 146 units (actually 113 units today since 16 units have been combined over the years to make them larger). Prices range from $1M for fixer 1br units, to $1.6M for totally remodeled 1 br’s. 2M-3M for 2br’s. The building has two penthouse units, one of the penthouses was sold for $6.4M at the end of 2010. Approximately 4-8 units sell in the building each year. There are very few rentals in Sierra Towers. One reason is because the HOA requires owners to own thier unit at least one year before they may lease. Lease terms are required to be a one-year minimum with 2 month’s deposits to be kept on account with the Sierra Towers Homeowners Association. Lease rates range from $6,000 mo. to $20,000/mo.

Sierra Towers is a wonderful Mid-Century Modern building, built in 1965 by Beverly Hills contemporary architect Jack A. Charney. The building is bright white with clean lines.

Sierra Towers is the tallest building in the area and has unobstructed views

32 stories tall, Sierra Towers is the tallest condo building in the area. Each unit features 11’ foot high ceilings for an especially spacious and roomy feel inside. Floor to ceiling glass walls, that contemporary architecture fans will love, allow lots of light to flood in and maximize views. There are spectacular views from every unit!

There are six units per floor, the most desirable views are the 2 stack on the SE corner or the 6 stack on the SW Corner.


SE View from ’06 line

Balcony on stack 5 facing NE

Each unit has generously apportioned 40’x8’ or ~300 sqft balconies (this is not included in each units square feet measurement). Some residents extend the walls of their unit to enclose thier balcony space- for room dimensions, the enclosed space can be climate controlled which makes it more usable year round especially during the colder months during the winter. Be aware that remodeling can be a pain in the building because there are only two elevators for the whole building. Residents love to spend remodeling and improving thier units- I have heard of owners spending up to $1M! to get their unit exactly the way they want it.

The Elevated wood steps were built out onto the balcony creating a larger bedroom.

Many residents love to balcony just way it is- and spend a lot of time lounging, reading, or throw parties on their balconies. The balconies on the south side of the building (even number units) get some traffic noise from Sunset below, but the noise gets less distinguishable the higher up you go. For residences who are looking for the utmost privacy and quite, north facing residences would be ideal (odd number units). These units face the Hollywood Hills and the view has lots of green. These balconies are also great for pet owners, who are gone during the day.

GuestStaff Quarter on 6th floor

There are 11 staff/guest quarters on the 6th floor, they are small 10×20 rooms with a bathroom. Sometimes owners will sell their unit along with the guest quarters.

Heated Rooftop Pool

Sierra Towers has a heated pool on the 6th floor.

Sierra Towers Valet

Parking spaces are deeded with each unit.

Amenities include also, gym, and front desk.


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