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Los Angeles generates 4 million tons of garbage each year. Private trash companies dispose of two million tons of waste, and the city of Los Angeles the other 2 million. The Bureau of Sanitation has a fleet of six hundred garbage trucks. The average person creates ~6lbs of garbage per day. 80% of trash is recyclable. The City has been promoting recycling programs (the blue bins) to reduce the amount of trash the city produces. 95% of trash ends up in landfills.

Toyon Canyon Landfill – Griffith Park, closed 1985

City Trash Service

Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation collects trash for all single-family residences and 2-4 unit multi-family apartment buildings. For small apartment building owners this is the most affordable trash option. The Bureau serves 750,000 households and 540,000 multifamily units annually. The city may collect from Multi-Family buildings over 5 units, check with the Sanitation Department for availability.

 The city does not offer dumpster service for its customers, only trash bins.

60-gallon Trash bins hold 60lbs-100lbs of trash

90-gallon Trash bins hold 150lbs-200lbs of trash

City Trash pickup service is once a week. Place the trash bins on the curb in the morning during garbage pickup.

Blue Bin Recycling, Black Bin Trash, Green Bin Yard Trimmings

The standard allowance for Single Family Homes is one 60-gallon black trash container, one 90-gallon green yard trimmings container, and one 90-gallon blue recycling container.

The standard allowance for Multi-family dwellings is one 60-gallon black trash container per unit, one 90-gallon green yard trimming container per lot, and one 90-gallon blue container for every four dwelling units.

Additional capacity beyond the standard allowance is additional charge of $5 to $10 per month.

The cost of City trash service is $36/mo. for single family homes, $24/mo. per unit for apartment buildings.

Private trash companies

Waste Management, Athens, and Allied are three large private trash companies operating in Los Angeles.

If you go private, take advantage of The City of Los Angeles Free Recycling Program for Multi Family buildings

Private trash companies collect refuse from large multi-family residential buildings (greater than four units), commercial property and industrial waste. Private companies are more expensive than the city, but can provide multiple day pick up service, and dumpster service. Private Companies will want a minimuim 1 year contract. The longer the contract the better the rate they will offer. If you do a lot of business with your trash company they might also offer a volume discount. They are willing to negotiate, so shop around to find the best price.

A 3-yard bin will run $80/mo. per pick up day. So for a 3 yard bin with 6 day a week pick up, that would be somewhere around: $480 per month and $5,760 annually.

3 yard trash bin

4 yard dumpster holds up to 800 lbs

3 yard dumpster holds up to 600 lbs

2 yard dumpster holds up to 400 lbs
Depending where the bin is located, additional charges may apply.For instance, if you require a scout truck to ferry the bin to the street from a subterranean garage location where the trash shoot feeds, that will be a ~$15/mo. additional charge. If the trash bin is located nearby tenants that will complain about smell- then more frequent service may be required.


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