Move To Tennessee From California

When you are moving to Tennessee from California you have to plan a cross country move. Cross Country moves can cost between $5,000 to $10,000 (make sure to get insurance as movers at these prices will routinely break things) moves and take 2 or 3 days. Tennessee is a very interesting blend of North and south mixed with the east coast it has a convergence of many cultures and influences. The South influence comes from Ribs, jazz, and country, the north manufacturing like the rust belt.
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For fun activities, There are beautiful plantations with  Southern Colonial Mansions on huge grounds. Many of the Plantations served as battlegrounds during the civil war. These make great architectural tours to spend an afternoon. Nashville is the country music capital of the United States, many of your favorite country music superstars performed there to this day. The job market is growing and salaries are high compared to living expenses. Moving from CA to TN you will definitely notice a big difference in real estate pricing between the two. Tennessee has 4 seasons and the trees change colors. Many tourists visit each year to watch the leaves. The land has an old river basin, flat in many areas with shale and slate outcroppings, these are the ending of the Appalachian mountains.  Whenever you have a lot of stone bedrock with shales and slates, radon can be an environmental hazard. In California, we don’t run into any problems with radon.

Traditional English vernacular houses

Spring has a small-town feel with acres of land and many new construction homes are being built there. The new construction houses are traditional new English vernacular houses with gable roofs, brick exterior, and shingled roofs. They have the old looking handcrafted appeal, but they are new and modern on the inside. Basements are very common in Tennessee. That is the same in California. Most of the new construction homes are being built on slab foundations.  Pex is a popular plumbing option that works great in the relatively mild Tennessee climate. For the last several years Tennessee has ranked the highest in fasted growing states and has enjoyed health wage increases.


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