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Third Street Elementary

Third Street elementary (K-5) is rated top 2% of public elementary schools in Los Angeles. Third Street is located north of Third Street between Rossmore and Highland, in Hancock Park.

Third Street has an API score of 938. Third street has a student enrollment of 710.

Third Street Reviews on greatschools.org

As well as having excellent faculty and administration, local parents supplement the schools budget through the non profit organization Friends of Third (FOT). FOT funds extra teaching positions- a technology center instructor, a full time librarian, a physical education instructor, and a music teacher.

Third Street elementary has a brand new computer lab that has 34 iMac computers.

Students recieve 45 minutes of technology classes every other week. By graduations, students will possess technology skills such as typing skills, research, use of word processing, and office software programs, video recording and editing, and image editing.

Third street has a full time librarian and the library has 12,645 books.

I am a big believer in music education, and third street elementary has a phenominal music program. Headed by Richard Lawton– it is taught with the emphasis on creating and playing music that I think is key to understanding music as a form of communication. Richard writes a music teaching blog that extends learning beyond the classroom.

Additionally, Third street classes go on a minimuim two field trips a year. Some recent field trips were to: Los Angeles Zoo, California Science Center, LACMA, and Natural History Museum.

Third Street elementary has a Korean Dual Language Program (KDLP). There is one KDLP class per grade level. Students register for this program on a first come first served basis. Parents of students in the program solely fund KDLP. All giving is optional. Students are taught in both English and Korean in all subject areas in addition to Learning about Korean culture, holidays and customs.


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