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The Paramour Estate in Los Feliz

The Paramour Estate in Los Feliz

On the hilltops above Sunset Boulevard, the luxurious Paramour Estate was once the landmark of silent cinema. In the 1920s, the house was nestled in the residential neighborhood of Silver Lake. Today, this Spanish Revival-style residence is a lovely escape from Los Angeles.

The property is very romantic as it offers a dark and mysterious setting and has the most beautiful view of the city and beyond. It was built in 1923 by architect Robert D. Farguhar and has been classified as a cultural-historical monument in 1988.

Public personalities such as Gwen Stefani, Sting, Elton John, John Mayer, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed music in the mansion. Scenes from “Halloween: 20 Years Later”, “Intolerable Cruelty”, and “Scream 3” were also recorded there, as well as Britney Spears’ video clip “My prerogative”.

Even though The Paramour Mansion hosts many events, not everyone can push the door open unannounced. But in case you’re passing by, here’s the address: it’s 123 Micheltorena Street.

The Paramour Estate – Formerly Known as the Canfield-Moreno Estate

The first owners of the residence were Antonio Moreno, a silent movie star, and his wife Daisy Canfield Danziger, heiress of an oil empire. Before being known as The Paramour Estate, the house was called “The Crestmount” and “The Canfield-Moreno Estate”. The couple organized many parties there for the pleasure of high society.

Daisy lost her life on February 23, 1933 when her car swerved on the famous Mulholland Drive. Over the years, The Paramour Mansion was also a school for girls and, in 1950, a convent of Franciscan sisters.

The Paramour Estate is hidden behind an imposing wall. The property overlooks the highest promontory in the Los Angeles Basin. It enjoys a plunging, panoramic view of:

  • All the downtown urban structures
  • Hollywood Hills
  • San Gabriel Mountains
  • The Pacific Ocean

Many of the great personalities of Hollywood’s Golden Age attended glamorous film industry receptions held at the property. Its location is midway between Disney Studios, Max Sennett Scenes and Paramount Pictures.

Dana Hollister, the New Owner of the Mansion

In 1998, the Franciscan sisters sold the property to Dana Hollister? She tried to get the city’s right to turn it into a business. This led to endless quarrels with the neighbors, who have always wanted peace and quiet.

Dana Hollister is a talented artist and interior designer. The interior of the Paramour residence is full of good surprises and great artistic choices. She was able to be innovative while preserving the splendor of the Hollywood tradition.

All suites are tastefully decorated by:

  • Exotic canvases
  • Unique antique furniture
  • Original paintings in bold tones
  • Antique decorative treasures
  • Taxidermy animals

The site extends over four acres of:

  • Fountains
  • 100 years old trees
  • Elegant trails
  • Beautiful rose gardens
  • A pine forest

The house is currently home to an art collection of rare and unusual antiques. It is a tribute to its illustrious past. The guest quarters have been converted into period bungalows. They are a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary architectural style. The result is both authentic and comfortable.

Grounds and Property Features

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The estate welcomes residents, tenants or guests with a fragrant rose garden through which they can enjoy a privileged view of LA. This sumptuous 18,000 square foot century-old building was designed with:

  • Six luxurious suites
  • A majestic ballroom with a vaulted ceiling hand-painted in an Italian style
  • An elegant living room
  • A dining room with floor-to-ceiling French doors
  • A pool lined with antique marble and Malibu mosaic

The Gate House is the most romantic part of the property. It houses a spiral staircase from the bedroom to the loft, with a spacious four-poster bed. This romantic suite also contains a bathroom with a copper bathtub and shower. Both are made to measure. Beautiful Moroccan tiles, also handmade, are inlaid in the structure.

The kitchen offers a particularly fresh atmosphere. Occupants of the house love to stay here to refresh themselves and cook. The room is equipped with the Smeg refrigerator and the vintage O’Keefe & Merritt stove. The 19th century doors, transported from Corsica to the 1960s, give the space a unique artistic air.

Organize Your Wedding Ceremony in The Paramour Estate

Would you like to organize your wedding in a special place so that you and your guests will remember this event forever? You can rent the Paramour for this beautiful occasion. Depending on the size of the event, you can celebrate:

  • On the lower lawn
  • On the upper lawn
  • In the ball room

The couple will also have the opportunity to access a preparation suite on the morning of the celebration. To facilitate the preparations, you can bring your hair and make-up team on site. The preparation suite includes a bedroom and a private bathroom. They are connected to a bright lounge, which is also private.

The Paramour Den welcomes the family and loved ones of the bride and groom. They can spend time together before the ceremony. This room can then be transformed into a guest lounge.

It is decorated with:

  • Golden mirrors
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Pieces of furniture with animal motifs
  • Ancient monuments
  • Large taxidermy animals

Other Events Hosted at the Paramour

Do you want to discover an exceptionally trendy place with a unique and mysterious style? You have found the best place in Los Angeles. Paramount Estate welcomes you for any occasion in its historic and romantic setting, whether you want to have a cocktail party around the large pool, a dinner on the lush green lawn, a crazy dance party, or just relax in the elegant lounge.

  • The area around the pool is perfect for aperitifs. It is possible to add a live band, a champagne bar and a synchronized swimming show. The atmosphere will be at its peak.
  • For a chic dinner, the upper lawn is the place to be. Romantic string lights are installed there to add a soft atmosphere around the tables. The tour is of course accompanied by an open-air bar. With a sunset and good company, the dinner can only be a success.
  • The ballroom offers a wide and elegant dance floor. Due to the location of the house, the open-air dance evenings are considered too noisy for a residential area.
  • The estate also offers a solarium where you can relax and place the dessert and coffee station. Guests help themselves to the buffet and choose what they like. They can consume their choice comfortably in the lounge connected to the solarium. The latter is tastefully furnished by Dana Hollister herself.
  • There is also a speakeasy which is perfect for a whisky tasting. This is a place that most people don’t even know exists. It’s the secret little place in the house.

The estate is a historic house, so it is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Also remember to leave children at home, as people under the age of 18 are not allowed in.



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