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Termite Prevention

They say once ounce of prevention is better than one pound of cure. I’d say, doing some termite prevention will end up saving you a lot of headache and money in the long run. The best policy for termite prevention is a combination approach: prevention and regular inspection.
Termites feed on wood. They love moist areas. Keep that in mind, because that’s what we’ll be using to try and prevent infestation.

Here is a list of things you can do around the house to help prevent termites:
-Repair leaky roofs and plumbing leaks.

-Prune back landscaping away from the foundation.

-Remove trash and debris (especially wood) underneath and around the home.

-Remove dead tree stumps from the yard.

-Keep firewood piles stacked away from the structure.

-Make sure roof rain gutters and downspouts are doing a good job of directing rain water away from the foundation.

-Keep gutters clean.

-Provide adaquet ventilation in bathrooms, laundry room, and other wet areas

-Grade the ground level so there is no standing water near the house

 Schedule a termite inspection once a year with a termite inspector- sometimes termite companies offer regular maintenance packages so that should you have an active infestation you can treat it before it gets out of hand.


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