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Special Assessment

Special Assessments are an additional tax that the government charges on properties for municipal improvements- like new sidewalks, roads, natural disaster damage, or Mello Roos. HOA’s can also levie assessments, if the property is a member of a Home Owners Association.

Assessments are grouped into two catagories- Levied Assessments and Pending Assessments.

Levied Assessments – are assessments, that are currently being taxed. The balance and amount due shows up on your annual property tax bill.

Pending Assessments – Taxes that have been decided on by the city, but have not been levied yet. For instance the city voted to put a Sound Wall to block noise from the highway, but work hasn’t begun yet. There will be a date at which point this pending assessment becomes levied. To check to see if a property has any pending assessments (these are the ones that surprise you as a buyer!) you can order an 9A report. Escrow handles ordering the 9A report in a regular residential real estate sale to be reviewed as part of the transactions disclosures.


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