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Los Angeles Sewer Video Inspection

Sewerline Camera Inspections are one of your main go-to inspections when buying a home. In this post I explain how a sewer video inspection works, who to call to get one, and how much it costs.

Los Angeles Sewer Line Video Inspection

Before Sewer Camera Inspections, when you bought a house – you closed your eyes and then closed on the home and prayed everything was going to be alright with the Sewer line because there was no practical way to check it.

Now with modern cameras, there is no guessing or hoping- you can actually see exactly what is going  under the ground from inside the pipes of the sewer line.

I recommend Sewer line inspections for all houses and income properties (unless they are on a septic tank). For Condos, the HOA is responsible for maintaining the sewer line so an inspection is not needed.

Why have a Sewer Video Inspection?

 A Broken Sewer line is very expensive. For a small inspection fee of $200-$400 dollars, you can protect yourself from inheriting a $5,000 to $10,000 problem later on (Replacing the sewer line on a Hillside Home is more expensive, it can cost 20K to 30K for a steep and long 50ft to 100 ft downhill run).

Many Homebuyers are surprised to learn that you are responsible for maintaining the sewer line from your property all the way to the public sewer tap which is buried somewhere in the middle of the street. Some of the lateral pipe and the city tap is buried underneath the street and sidewalk on public property.

If the section of the sewer line is broken underneath the street this is the worst-case scenario and can cost $5,000 to $10,000 to fix. That is because you need a plumber with a special license to work in the public right away, and you have to dig up the street to get to the pipe. It is much easier to work on pipes in the yard where all you have to do is move some dirt. 

Occasionally, for homes built on Flag lots or split lots – they have ‘not to code’ sewer line connections. According to the building code, each home is supposed to have its own sewer line that terminates at the city sewer. Sometimes in beach areas like Redondo Beach, you will find sewer lines that tap into a neighbor’s line instead of connecting directly to the city sewer. This is a good thing to know about as a buyer. A Sewer Camera inspection can reveal if a substandard connection exists.

The last reason is that Los Angeles sewer system is coming up on 120 plus years, most materials used in sewer lines (Clay Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe, ABS, Redwood – yes Redwood, in really old ones) have a useful life of 50-100 years. That means most LA sewer lines are old now and reaching the end of their useful life if they have never been replaced. 

Common Sewerline Problems:

Root Intrusions:  Hydro jet ($400-$600) or a Snake ($200-$300) 

Missing a cleanout ($600)

 Replace a portion of broken pipe in the yard ($1,200 to $1,500).

Total Sewer Line Replacement (5K-10K)

Minor Cracks or Dislocations (Live with)

Some Bellying (Live with)

How much does a Sewer Video Inspection Cost?

The Average Cost of a Sewer Video Inspection in Los Angeles is $300

There can be an additional charge of $100 to $150 if there is no easy to access cleanout. In those cases, the sewer inspector might need to take off a toilet or feed the camera through a vent pipe on the roof to conduct the inspection.

Los Angeles Sewer Line Video Inspection Companies

Any licensed Plumber can do a Sewer Video Inspection. For real estate transactions, I prefer to use Sewer Line Inspection companies rather than Licensed Plumbers because there is no conflict of interest and they make an inspection video + report that you can share with the seller.

The advantage of hiring a licensed plumber is they can give you a quote at the same time as the inspection which saves time. The downside is that less reputable plumbing companies can exaggerate the bad condition of the line or bid a very high price. 

Sewerline Check 

Inspection Cost $325

Sewerlinecheck is a La Rocca company. They are the largest Sewer line Inspection company in Los Angeles with 3 inspectors. They set the standard that everyone else in the industry follows. I have been using them for years and they are very professional. They have the sewer line inspection thing down.

Sewer line Evaluations
Sean Ellsworth

Inspection cost $295: extra $100 for toilet. Sean uses to work for sewer line Check before going off on his own. He is very experienced.

 John White Sewerline Video Inspection 


$325 for sewer line inspection. $80 if the toilet needs to be removed or from the roof.

Commercial Real Estate Inspectors LLC

Williams Sewerline Inspector

Sewer line Video Inspections 

Ferrell and Alex
20058 Ventura Boulevard #150
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Ferrell was a plumber for many years, now he specializes in Sewer line inspections and sewer line repairs only. One nice thing is they have a Hydrojetter on the truck so if there is a blockage they can remove it. The charge an extra $25 if they have to drive a little longer. The cost of Inspection is $275. They operate by referrals mostly and 90% of their business is referrals.


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