Natural Light in Real Estate

Real Estate Natural Light

Properties with good Natural Light have a higher resale value

I have routinely seen bright listings sell for more money than dark listings. Why? I think brightness is more appealing to buyers than darkness. The more Natural Light a property gets the better! 

What are Factors that affect natural light?

The amount of natural light a property gets depends on the size of the windows and the Home’s Orientation, how high up it is (2nd floor 3rd floor etc), and if there are any large trees around. In the winter the sun is lower in the horizon, so homes are not as bright in the winter as they are in the summer.

Natural Light Appeals to Female Buyers

For female buyer’s good natural light always ranks highly on their list of needs. I see it in their top 3 – 5 all the time and for some it is #1. Some of the other top female buyer features are master bathrooms, closet space (but then who doesn’t), ease of parking and such. If you don’t have a lot of natural light you might lose the guy that his girlfriend wants one that is brighter.

How to increase the natural light of your house

If you have solid doors you can add windows or sidelights to the door to let light come in. If you have sliding glass doors those let in the most light. French doors are the next best thing and also let in a tons of natural light. If you want to brighten your living room or bedrooms and you have curtains use a shear to let the light filter through. Plantation Shutters just don’t let a lot of light in.

While I have found today’s buyers don’t like mirrors on the wall(s) and that style has fallen out of favor, you might think twice before removing a mirror wall if it is bouncing a lot of sunlight into the home. Mirrors reflect natural light further into a home.

This might sound obvious, but paint your walls white or brighter color. You can really see a different when you paint a dark wall white. 

If you don’t get a lot of natural light in a room because it doesn’t have windows, you can try to add a window from above by installing a skylight or solar tube.

Benefits of Natural Light:

  • It Makes you Feel Good.
  • It Makes you more productive
  • Vitamin D
  • Tan
  • Good for Growing Plants
  • Solar Panels


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