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Preparing for a fumigation

When preparing for a tent fumigation, there are a few things to prepare, so that you are ready.

-Remove living things (people, pets, plants) from the structure. Take special care if you have outdoor cats, they sometimes can wander back into the house or hide- and they will die if they are inside the house when it is fumed. If you have outdoor cats make sure you have them with you when you leave.

-For Pets, make sure no pet food, water bowls, dog beds, or chew toys are left. If you do leave them in the house, wash them after the fumigation.

-Bag all Exposed Food items. Any package that has been opened must be put in a bag, even if it is in your fridge. Canned goods that have not been opened do not need to be sealed.

-Remove medicines

-You do not need to worry about clothing

, and special items (water-proof pillows, mattresses and box-springs) should be removed or placed in a fume bag (provided by the termite company).

– Any plants near the house perimeter should be trimmed back away from the house so the tent can cover the house completely and the technicians can manuever around the house easily so they can properly install the tent.

-External devices attached to the house, such as antennas, satellite dishes, flag poles, should be taken down- they may puncture or damage the tent and also may prevent it from covering the property

-Do not enter the property until a notice of Reentry by the technician has been posted

You are now Ready for fumigation!


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