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Open House

Open Houses are Sunday and usually last three hours, going from 2pm-5pm or 1pm-4pm during day light savings time. Preparation and advertising are key to holding a successful open house.

Sign Placement

Carefully planned sign placement, can drive traffic to the open house and make it easy for open house visitors to find. The more directional signs the better, typically 5-8 works great. Also having flags in the front yard can be nice. Some areas have an open house sign ordnance. West Hollywood  has a very strict open house sign ordnance- so obey the rules or you may have a sign confiscated and receive a fine.

Market Knowledge

Know how the home stacks up against other similar homes on the market. What are the homes unique selling points? How is the price? Share the comps with potential buyers and tell them reasons why this is good buy in the market.

Sign in Sheet

Have a sign in sheet prepared so that you can stay organized and gather potential buyers contact information. Follow up with them after the open hose for feedback and to find out if they want to write an offer. I usually ask visitors to sign in on the sheet after they have seen the house and had some time to talk with me. Put yourself in the buyers shoes, would you want to give out your information to a real estate agent you don’t know? I’d be uncomfortable. If you have a chance to talk for a while and show that you are a friendly professional- then you have built trust and the buyer will feel comfortable sharing their contact information.

Print Advertising

Advertise the open the in Sunday MLS Open House Guide and the local paper.

Internet Advertising

This is the big one. Who are the buyers you want the most? The buyers that have been looking at your property online! Don’t you think they’d like to know about your open house too? Here is a partial list of must advertise internet sites:










  • Link here
  • Link here
  • Link here

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