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Los Angeles Termites

Termites are a big pest in the southern United States. Termites thrive in tropical climates that have warm and damp weather and temperatures that rarely if ever drop below freezing. They are particularly bad in Southern Florida, Southern California (including Los Angeles), and Hawaii.

Termites survive on cellulose, primarily wood, but can also eat cardboard, paper, and a wide array of other house hold items. They are social insects that live in family groups called colonies.

There are two main types of termites in Los Angeles:

Drywood termites and Subterranean termites

Colonies consists of King & Queen, workers, soldiers, and swarmers.

Termites are extremely adept invaders. They have the ability to enter a home from an opening as small as 1/8 of an inch. It only takes one King and one Queen termite to start an entire colony that could multiple into the tens of thousands. Common points of entry for termites into the house are through windows, attic vents, crawlspace accesses, foundation cracks, and utility boxes.

It takes a colony three to four years to reach maturity. When the colony is a mature colony it will release winged King and Queen swarmers when it is swarming season. Swarming termites can be really gross!

Termites Swarming

These swarmers fly around and find a new area to start a colony. The swarming season for Drywood termites is typically when the season changes from the summer to the fall- September, and October. The swarming season for subterrianean termites is the change of seasons from the winter to the spring- March and April. However, California can have kooky weather, and sporadic rainfall, which confuses termites into thinking its a different time of the year, so swarming in California tends to be more or less totally random.

Termite Inspections – Professional Termite companies conduct termite inspections to find out if there are termites or not. They recommend in their inspection report how to get rid of them.

Drywood Termite Fumigation – Fumigation is a popular method to exterminate termites if you have an infestation.

Termite Prevention Tips


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