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Los Angeles Chimney Height Requirement

Appropriate Chimney height varies by chimney type, manufacturer, and the size of your house (two story houses require longer chimneys than single story). To function properly, a chimney should be at least 10 to 12 feet tall. In addition to this length, Los Angeles Building Code Requires that the chimney be three feet above the roofline, and be two feet higher than the roof line within a 10 foot radius of the chimney stack. This prevents backdraft and allows space for any burning embers that escape the chimney to cool off before landing on the roof.

A Spark Arrester helps prevent sparks and embers from getting out of the chimney and landing on your roof. The area around the top of the chimney should be clear of debris, tree branches and leaves, or any other building structures.  Chimneys that are too short can cause smoke to get sucked back into the house because of back draft. If your chimney is ‘smokey’ talk to a chimney repair company. They can extend the chimney height.


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