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Real Estate Video Tours and Production

Video is quickly becoming homebuyer’s favorite media for searching properties online. For large houses of 5,000 sqft plus- having a video gives a better sense of the relationship of space and how rooms function with one another. Video allows buyers to interact with a property in a way that is not possible with 2D still photography. They add motion, get buyers excited, and bring the property to life! 

Making a quality video is quite the production. A video shoot may require a cinematographer, video editor, music composer, actors or models, cars, multiple days of shooting, and post-production graphics which makes videos a lot more expensive than photos. The average cost of Los Angeles Real Estate video production is somewhere between $4,000 – $8,000 for a 3 minutes to 5-minute video. This price tag makes video cost-prohibitive for listings under 2M. I have seen some value video companies starting to appear that can keep the budget manageable between $1,000 – $2,000 for less expensive properties.

The cost of the la real estate video can range widely. Some of the variables that determine the cost are- the size of the property, whether or not models are hired (Models day rate will be between $200-$500), luxury car rentals if needed, and if you want twilight video and drone video. The length of the video, voice-over actors, and having a custom soundtrack can also affect the price. I would not recommend the video to last longer than 5 minutes – for real estate, this is about as long as you can expect to hold people’s attention. This type of content is primarily for sharing on websites, and Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) so viewers are looking for shorter length content. 







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Berlyn Photography has had the best real estate picture slideshow for years. They have been very prolific because they are hired by some of the top luxury realtors in the city.

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Shooting LA
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One of the first photographers to hire other photographers- he has probably shot about as much as anybody. Changed his brand from Shooting LA to Zenhouse collective now.

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Interior Pixels
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Value Production Companies

Jeff Jack Productions
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Can’t praise Jeff highly enough, he does all my videos for this site.
Contact Vidjay Beerepoot vidjaybeerepoot.com for sound
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