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Laurel Canyon Homes For Sale

Laurel Canyon Homes For Sale

Laurel Canyon
Zip Codes: 90046, 90068

Laurel Canyon is an intimate hillside community with soul power. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A bohemian artist refuge, Laurel canyon is where you run away from home, hideout from the authorities, and write music, read books, and watch plays.

Fun Fact: Laurel Canyon is named after the California bay laurel (Pictured Above), a native tree that grows wild and can be fairly easily found all over Laurel Canyon. 

Residents form spiritual bonds with the nature of the canyon, which you become completely submerged. When you are there, you feel connected. Towering oak trees, dry chaparral bushes, and golden grass inhabit this authentic Southern Californian landscape. Laurel Canyon has a Wildside. Unfamiliar sights and sounds bewilder unaccustomed city dwellers. Songbirds sing owls hoot, hawks glide on thermal updrafts, deer wander, coyotes, bobcats, and hermits roam. Hardly your typical LA experience.

Laurel Canyon has country folk-rock roots. The list of famous residents is long and always growing. Some can argue that music in Laurel Canyon reached its Zenith in the summer of love in the late 1960s. But the legacy continues to this day. A lot of writers also pick Laurel Canyon. The Musicians who made this time: The Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds, James Taylor, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, CSNY, Frank Zappa, and Joni Mitchell.  Laurel Canyon’s next generation is Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Slash from Guns and Roses who both grew up in Laurel Canyon. New music continues to bubble up from this wellspring. To be young mad and in love. Good Vibes all around.


Laurel Canyon has a symbiotic relationship with the Sunset Strip and Hollywood/West Hollywood. With their tides, so does Laurel Canyon’s fortunes rise. Many residents work and play in those cities and live in Laurel Canyon. Laurel Canyon’s close proximity to these entertainment districts makes it one of the most convenient hillside communities to live in (much livelier than Benedict Canyon). There is no freeway noise in Laurel Canyon like you get in the Cahuenga Pass from the 101.  

Laurel Canyon is the best canyon boulevard for traveling between the valley and the westside. So the studios in Burbank and the lowkey nightlife of Ventura Blvd in Studio City are also within arms reach.

Laurel Canyon Landmarks

Country Store
2108 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 654-8091

Located in the heart of Laurel Canyon, the peace sign emblazoned Country Store is a hitching post for the community. Legend has it that Mama Cas once lived in the basement. The Store has basic groceries and wine. There is a lunch deli counter that makes sandwiches. You can buy fresh sage for $2.99 at the register (impulse buy!). 100% wood-paneled. Downstairs is an italian restaruant called Pace. There is a great Dry cleaner around the corner too! The Original Laurel Canyon store burned down in 1929 and was rebuilt. 

Lookout Mountain Inn (Burned down 1918)

Lookout Mountain inn played an important role in Laurel Canyon’s early history. Opened in 1910, as a 24-room hotel, it attracted visitors to the new Laurel Canyon Developments of Bungalowland and Lookout Mountain Park. Placed on one of the choicest view lots, you could see for miles in all directions. The Lookout Mountain inn had incredible views. Guest paid $15/week for room and board. One of the experiences of staying at the inn was driving (or racing!) the long curving canyon roads to get to it. Automobile clubs held regular meetings at the inn. Upscale Society used the inn for banquets and social events. Unfortunately, in 1918 a brush fire, reportedly started by a group of boys cooking sausages, raced up the canyons and reduced the wooden inn to charcoals.

The Mansion (2451 Laurel Canyon)

The Mansion: Longtime residence of mega-producer Rick Rubin, who used the property as a recording studio and rock and roll dormitory. The main residence was built in 1925, and burned in 1959, but was rebuilt. Errol Flynn used to live at this residence in the 1930s, and it is said that at one time there was a tunnel connecting this property to the Houdini Mansion across the street. Rick Rubin sold the home to one of his friends a few years ago. 

Houdini Estate (2400 Laurel Canyon)

Houdini Estate: Called the Houdini estate, although Houdini never owned it, although he is rumored to have rented the house while he was in Los Angeles. This location is now available to rent for weddings and events. Built by Department Store Magnate Ralf M. Walker- the house also burned down in 1959 fire and was later demolished in 1970. A new house was built.    

Case Study House #21, Bailey House (9038 Wonderland Ave.)

Designed in 1959 by Pierre Koenig as part of the case study home project. The house was built with sturdy steel framing, that allowed long spans to create huge open spaces, a precursor to modern tastes today. Since the property has no eaves, Koenig controlled the temperature inside the house with screens. A very simple and beautiful modern design.

8021 Rothdell Trl (Jim Morrison House)

The Lizard King, Jim Morrison lived in Laurel Canyon with his girlfriend Pamela Courson from 1967-1969. They nicknamed Rothdell ‘Love Street’ because there were so many hippies all over the place. The Doors song “Love Street” mentions the nearby Canyon Store -“I see you live on Love Street/ there’s this store where the creatures meet”. The house burned down, was rebuilt, and extensively remodeled. It now is a Spanish Mission style that is hardly recognizable. 

Lookout Mountain Laboratory

Former US airforce base that made military films from 1947 to 1969. Their most famous films are about nuclear explosions. The base employed over 250 people. Being a movie studio, the compound had offices, recording rooms, and screening rooms, but also had military rooms, such as a bomb shelter, helicopter pad, vaults. The 2.5-acre studio is still one lot. The property is now owned by a celebrity actor/musician, who uses the property as an art gallery, and it has a pool.

Frank Zappa Cabin

2401 Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Today, all that remains of the cabin are rubble and an empty lot. The cabin was the first building in Laurel Canyon. It was called the “Bungalow Inn” and had a dinning hall, reading room, ladies parlor, room service, a one lane bowling ally, riding trails, stables and garages, and a tennis court.

The Inn attracted visitors to Laurel Canyon’s first subdivision “Bungalowland” comprised of about 300 lots. The developer, Chas Mann, sold lots for $100 – $250 each. Later, movie star Tom Mix bought the cabin (His trusty sidekick and wonder horse “Tony” is supposedly buried there).

In 1967, the cabin was run down and completely dilapidated. Rising rock star Frank Zappa rented the house with his wife Gale and their new baby moon unit. The home was a hippy commune and round the clock rock and roll boarding house for the ’60s most influential artists. In 1981 the cabin burned down.

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Wonderland Avenue Elementary
Great Schools Rating 

Middle School
Hubert Howe Bancroft MS

High School
Fairfax HS or Hollywood HS

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Laurel Canyon Neighborhood Association

Laurel Canyon has a rich history and an even better community. To live in one of the most historic areas in Los Angeles, contact me to see available listings! Just click the button below to get started.


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