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Los Angeles Home Inspection

The Home General Inspection is a catch-all inspection for buyers that gives the property a good once look-over by a professional inspector. The inspector looks at the home's 5 major systems. Depending on what the home inspector finds, they may call out the need for a contractor, or a specialist to be consulted.

Los Angeles Home General Inspection

The General Inspection is the main inspection a buyer conducts during escrow. Home inspectors go through the home room by room, walk around it, crawl underneath it (if they can), and climb on top of it up on the roof.  Inspectors always carry a ladder with them, as well as a flash light, camera, and a crawl suit (They usually save the crawl underneath the house for last because you get dirty down there and you don’t want to track dirt and mud through the house). Great inspectors will have some spare AA batteries handy just in case the thermostat has dead ones. 

The purpose of the inspection is to assess the overall condition of the property and look for any problems.  You don’t want to buy a money pit. If there are issues, it is better to know about them BEFORE buying the property.  

Should I get a home inspection?

Yes, you should, every time. The only occasion I can think of to skip it is if you are a professional in real estate or construction- but a lot of times they don’t skip it they just do it themselves, or maybe if you already know the property you can skip it entirely? I am a professional in real estate and I still want and get an inspection. I don’t see any downside from the buyer’s perspective. Sellers expect you to get one. They probably did an inspection when they bought the property. 

Should I go to the Home Inspection?

Yes. I recommend going to the inspection because you can ask the inspector questions, and you get to see things first hand for yourself. If you can’t make it then have your agent go for you. You should have someone at the inspection representing your interest while it is happening. 

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

The Average cost of a home inspection is $400 to $600 in Los Angeles. Condos are a little less. Duplex, Triplex, and Quadraplex cost more.

Who pays for the Home Inspection?

The buyer customarily pays for the home inspection. I recommend to my buyers to pay so they can pick whatever inspector they want and there are no conflicts of interest. Sellers like this too and not just because it saves them money on their closing costs, this also relieves them of any liability if the inspector makes an error or omission.

How Long Does a Home Inspection take?

Home Inspections last 1-2 hours for condos and 2-3 hours for most houses. If the house is huge, over 10k Sqft- an inspection can take half a day or longer. For 10K+ sqft homes, you want to call in more than one inspector so they can split the house up and get the inspection finished in one day. 

What does a home inspection cover?

General Home inspections include the main 5 systems of a house:

  1. Plumbing
  2. Electrical
  3. Heating and Cooling (HVAC)
  4. Foundation
  5. Roof

What is the home inspector looks for?

Plumbing:  any leaks, how well sinks and tubs drain, water pressure (should be about 80-100 PSI), check if the water gets hot in every fixture, will inspect every bathroom, check for evidence of water damage, tile grout and cauking, sink connections, garbage disposals, any visiable water lines (check if its galvanized, copper, or pex) and waste lines (overall condition, material: ABS or cast iron.  The water hearter, making sure EQ straps, that the exhaust is upward sloping and to code. 

Electrical: test every outlet, run kitchen appliances (Except Washer Dryer), check list??


In addition to the main 5 systems, the home inspector will also look at the lot, driveway, sidewalk, garage, in the crawl space in a raised foundation house (houses on slabs have no crawl space), and the attic for pitced roofs if they are accessible. 

Home inspectors are jacks of all trades, so they are a master of everything and master of nothing, they can go very wide and shallow but not deep. They can spot problems but they aren’t in the business of fixing them. They will usually call in a specialist if they see anything wrong in their inspection. 

home inspection checklist

General Home Inspection Checklist badfas

Los Angeles Home Inspection Companies

Here is my list of Los Angeles home inspection professionals. 

Sifter Inspections (Paul Siftar): (818) 246-2275, (818) 679-6906 — (KC)

Castle & Gray (Freddy Pinero): (310) 457-1665

AAA Real Estate Inspections, Inc. (Mike Brooks): (818) 298-0028

Advanced Building Inspections (Tom Despain, Senior): (818) 883-9810

Summit Inspections (Jeff Cross): (818) 841-8024, (818) 257-7023




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Jim Teteak Inspections
Inspection Cost?

Michael J. Brooks 
(Certified Inspector)
AAA Real Estate Inspections
Mission Hills CA 91345

Devin Swift

Colleen Brand

Sean Treguboff
Precision Inspection Services
No website
office 818-575-9950
Cell: 818-917-9880
Inspection Cost? $500

La Rocca Inspections
Inspection Cost? $455 for a house, $375 condos

Jerry Carlisle Property Inspections

Craig Funabashi “The Property Professor”
Booking Service: 310-371-9494
Craig’s Cell: 310-387-0928 

Steve Carroll

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