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Rod’s Autotech

999 N. La Brea Ave


Located near the Corner of La Brea and Romaine is Rod’s Autotech- Rods is the second automotive shop in from the corner, to the north of the Rods is the South Parking entrance to Target/Best Buy. I had difficulty finding Rods the first time I went there because the address, 999 N La Brea, suggests that Rod’s has frontage on La Brea, but Rod’s is actually on Romaine. Rod’s has been there for over 20 years. Rod does excellent work and is a very savvy Mechanic. I recommend Rod’s to everyone. Rod’s is the best! You won’t find a more reasonable, honest, and skilled mechanic. When I pic up my car, I always try to shake Rods hand out of habit, but because Rod has been working with the cars and he doesn’t want to get my hand dirty, Rod gives me a fist pound 🙂


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