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Hollywood Versaille towers is a  mid-century Thirteen story luxury Highrise in Hollywood. Located at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and La Brea, Hollywood Versaille tower is just steps to the up and coming Hollywood revitalization, while being separated by La Brea Avenue so that you do not get the foot traffic of visitors on Hollywood Blvd walking the Hollywood walk of fame or premiers at the Chinese theater.

I love the architecture of the Hollywood Versaille Tower. It has a lot of curb appeal. Five fifty foot Palm trees dress the stark white façade.

A landcaped English style hedge garden enhances visuals at the street level. With a large U-shape drive way it’s easy to get in and out.

I would highly recommend avoiding taking a left hand turn at La Brea to Hollywood (2 cars per light, 2 minutes per light cycle, you could be sitting there for 5-8 minutes)- you would be much better off taking the left hand turn at Sunset and going up poinsettia or Formosa, then taking a right onto Hollywood. There is a turn lane in the middle of the street on Hollywood that you can wait at until the light at the corner changes and make your turn.

 Built in in 1965, the Hollywood Versailles Tower has 122 units. The building was originally an apartment building but was converted to condominiums in 1975. One of the zoning requirements for condo conversions is parking space requirements for the number of bedrooms. Because the property has limited parking the developer decided to not enclose a wall and market units as 1br + loft instead of two bedrooms. Many owners have since, put up a wall to enclose this area and make 2brs. Any of the units with 1,000 or more can easily be two bedrooms if they haven’t been changed already.

Units in Hollywood Versailles condos are a mix of one bedroom and two-bedroom condominiums. The #1 stack has the largest units at 1,500 sqft and they are street facing on Hollywood Blvd. The Even number units all face East which have the best views. The #2 and #5 stacks are the 1 Br’s stacks. The first floor doesn’t have a #5 so there isn’t any 105- the odd stacks on the first floor have great balconies that connect to pool. As a result of no 105, 103 is slightly larger on the first floor. 1201+1202 were combined. On the penthouse level, two units have been combined, 3+5, and 4+6.

The Fifth Church of Christ Scientists has become very popular lately, so for units on the even side below the 4th or 5th floor, you will be getting noise from Sunday services. The nice thing is that at night there is never noise.

HOA dues are in the mid range around ~$800 a month for 2brs. HOAs cover electricity (building has no gas so stoves are electric), insurance, reserves, water, valet + 24 front desk and the pool. The building does not carry EQ. The HOA negotiated a discounted rate for cable for the entire building of $34/mo. however to get the deal every unit has to buy the cable so add that $34 to HOAs, the package includes movie channels. The HOA redid the pool a few years ago and it’s really great. It’s a shame that its hardly used which is the case with a lot of buildings I know of. Recently the HOA was planning to redo the lobby but that project was put on hold because the two elevators needed to be replaced. The elevators are currently being replaced, one is finished. The total cost of the project was $500,000. Each unit was assessed $4,000 to pay for the work. Homeowners have the option to pay the full amount up front or pay $75 a month for five years. The HOA also voted to increase the dues slightly to help replenish the reserves.

The location for Hollywood Versaille is really great. Tiago expresso Bar is a great local coffee shop that is right around the corner. Runyon Canyon is close if you feel like a hike.

One of the advantages of a highrise building is great views! Odd number units have views of the Westside and the ocean. Even number units face east and have view of Hollywood, downtown. One of my favorite things to pick out in the skyline is local favorite restaurant Yamashiro’s. I love its architecture. You can also see Griffith Park Observatory. The city lights up at night and it’s very beautiful in the evening too.

Laundry is community laundry. Each floor has a set of coin operated machines. A washer dryer is allowed to be installed in the unit if you desire, however it requires HOA approval.

 Balconies are good size, perfect for lounging and reading a book, or potted plants, or giving your pet some space outside.

 Buyers will like the high security. The 24 hour front desk has someone there all times of the day watching the security cameras. The building is controlled access, you can’t get into the buiding elevator from the lobby without signing in if you don’t live in the building, and the parking garage is gated with valet.

Hollywood Versaille towers has a spacious lobby that you can actually use! Some of the buildings such as the conference room, and Gameroom/gym leave some things to be desired, but for me personally I think the lobby is one of the buildings best amenities. There are three different seating areas that are separate, the lobby is really large, and its furnished, so you can sit and talk with guests.

Prices in the building are on the way up. For the last two years most of the sales in the building were short sales and foreclosures which really brought the prices down. Prices range from $400,000 to $800,000.

Pet friendly!

Each unit has 1 parking space. There is no deeded parking. Residents may rent an additional parking space, $50 for tandem or $75 for an extra single. The doorman is in control of assigning parking spaces. The valet can park your car. Savvy residents call downstairs before they plan to leave to have the valet retrieve their car so it is waiting for them when they get to the lobby. Another trick is to have an extra set of car keys made so that you can leave it with the valet. When you come home, the valet can park your car with the key they have, and you can take your set of keys, with your condo’s front door key on it and go straight up to your unit without waiting.

 Visitor parking is $12 per day  – first hour is free then 1$ every hour after. Every quarter owners get a book of 100 stickers each sticker worth 1 hr free. So it is pretty hard to run out. The buiding has 25 guest parking spaces. 

Units include Storage Locker.

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