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Charley Chaplin Studios

Built in 1917, Charlie Chaplin Studios occupied 5 acres framed by La Brea, Sunset Blvd, Sycamore Ave, and De Longpre. Charlie chose to design the studio frontage on La Brea to look like English Cottages, to help the studio blend in with the nearby neighborhood. In 1953 Charlie Sold the Studio.

You Can see footage of the Studio in Chaplin’s “How to Make Movies”.

The Studio changed hands several times over the years, eventually, in 1966, Herb Alpert and Johnny Moss’s A&M Records bought the property. The north portion of the original 5 acre lot was parceled and sold, Today, Ross and Happy Endings reside in this location. 2.2 acres remain of the Chaplin Studio’s original lot. In 1969 the site was designated a Historic-Cultural Monument 58. In 2000 Jim Hensen purchased the property for $12.5M and has a statue of Kermit the frog dressed up like Charlie Chaplin standing at the main entrance


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