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8850 Evanview Drive

8850 Evanview Drive was local builder Lyn Andre’s first project. The property has undergone extensive remodeling so hardly any of the original elements remain. The house was done in the Hollywood Regency style, perhaps the only thing that remains of the Hollywood Regency is the oval shaped window in the front.

Andre’s husband Warner Cruz was a cinematographer for MGM and friends with Vincente Minelli and Judy Garland. Lyn and Warner invited them over for dinner one night and Vincente and Judy fell in love with the house. They bought it, and Lyn and Warner purchased a lot across the street at 8841 Evanview to build a new house for their new home.

While Vincent and Judy owned it they hired John Woolf to remodel it and it was their daugher Liza Minnelli’s first home (Kenneth Schessler, This is Hollywood p17). Years later Sammy Davis Jr. purchased the estate and added on square footage and remodeled again.

The Two story guest house by the pool was built in 1958 and has massive twenty foot ceilings and walls of glass and is just a few steps from the pool.

8850 Evanview kitchen before

8850 Evanview Kitchen After

In 2007, Robert Davis of Davis Design and Development purchased Evanview for $2,865,000 and totally remodeled it again. Prior to his ownership there were lot of area in the main house that had tile flooring that was all replaced with wood flooring. The Kitchen was also remodeled, and the pool changed. The house is now  5 br 7.5 baths with 6,600 sqft on a 13,100sqft double lot. It sold again in 2013 for $3,820,000


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