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Infinity Pools and Priceless Views: The Life of Luxury up in the Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills are where you’ll find the most breathtaking views of Los Angeles, so it’s no wonder that some of the city’s most dazzling and impressive homes are located here. Majestically perched high above the hustle and bustle of city life, while still adjacent to every modern convenience including the world-famous Sunset Strip,  Hollywood Hills view homes are truly the pinnacle of luxe living. 

Most of the housing inventory in the Hollywood Hills is custom-designed homes not tract-home developments like you might find in the San Gabriel Valley or West LA / Mar Vista neighborhoods. Many of these homes are designed by world-renowned architectural firms like Brian MurphyXTEN and Paul McClean to name just a few, and these homes truly are works of art. No two homes are exactly alike, but they do share several must-have features, that life in Hollywood Hills is all about and make living here such a draw:

Indoor-Outdoor Living 

Buyers will notice many Hollywood Hills homes for sale have seamless indoor-outdoor living floorplans. Southern California is a pioneer in the modern architectural movement, mainly because of our wonderful weather. Hollywood Hills Homes are designed to take full advantage of the mild and ideal Mediterranean climate in Los Angeles with endless walls of retractable sliding glass that allow homeowners total freedom and blur the lines between the traditional concepts of inside and outside. You might notice some of the furnishings in these homes can function both inside or outside with chaise lounges, stools, and dining tables that can easily be moved between the indoors to outdoors depending on the occasion. This is one reason why these homes are great to entertain in.

Photo By Chris Nolasco

Infinity Pools

What is better than enjoying a pristine city view? How about enjoying the view while swimming up to the edge of your very own infinity-edge pool! Infinity Pools are one of the most popular amenities you will find in Hollywood Hills homes, and they are a perfect way to play or exercise when you are not busy taking over the world. You have to tell me which is your favorite- swimming in the seemingly endless expanse during the day or taking a dip at nighttime when the memorizing lights of the city twinkling below.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Windows are the new wall. Most modern Hollywood Hills homes I see feature floor-to-ceiling windows to let the view come indoors. I kid you not, some houses have so many windows you can see straight through it! Some of the people’s favorite views are Downtown, Griffith Observatory, the LA Basin, Century City, Catalina Island, and Santa Monica Beach. Walls are so overrated!

Outdoor Entertainment 

You didn’t think you’d keep such a gorgeous home all to yourself, did you? Once you move in, especially on a famous bird street like Robin Drive or Nightingale Drive, all your friends will want to pay you a visit. Good thing many Hollywood Hills mansions come readily equipped with massive living rooms,  outdoor fire pits, wine cellars, home theaters, massage rooms, and showcase garages that can park 5-10 cars. 


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