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Los Angeles has some of the finest high-end real estates in the entire United States. Prices for High-End homes in Los Angeles range from $10M to $100M.  Sales cycles on these homes is typically 6 months to two years. For these high-end properties, they usually, but not always, have large SQFT of at least 5,000 sqft but more commonly over 10,000 sqft and can sit upon one or two acres. With these properties, you will need 50-100 photos to get adequate coverage as opposed to 20-30 photos for standard Los Angeles Real Estate Shoots. Logistically these shoots usually roll over into 2 days or longer. Multi-day photoshoots and more coverage are two reasons that High-End photoshoots are more expensive. 

For a truly special property, you want marketing to catch every room of these sprawling mansions or estates at the golden hour, rent exotic or vintage cars to park in driveways or models to pose by the pool. Hiring the city’s top photographers to come in and capture the perfect magazine cover shot is not cheap. Prices for High-End photoshoots start from $1,500 and go up to $3,000 to $4,000.

Everett Fenton Gidley

Everett Frenton Gidley has been an architectural photographer in Los Angeles for X years. He has shot many of the most important architectural homes in the city, including some commercial buildings. There is no Los Angeles real estate photographer in town with more experience.

$ 350 – 700 price may vary

Michael McNamara

Michael McNamara is a very prolific photographer. He started his business as a high end photographer, but in recent years created a new brand: www.shootingla.com that focuses more on the middle of the market.


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