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Flower Street Lofts

Flower street lofts are located in downtown Los Angeles in the south park neighborhood. Just a short walk to Staples Center and the new LA Live development, and future site of farmers stadium- Flower Street lofts are located in one of the best areas of downtown.

Flower Street Lofts

West View Flower Street

Flower Street lofts was developed by Cim Group (third street promenade, Gas Company Lofts) and Marina Del Rey based developer the Lee Group (grand lofts, skylofts), which specializes in brownfield loft conversions. They converted the historic United Parcels Service building (UPS) into 91 loft condominiums in 2003. The UPS building was built in 1936- UPS had been doing business in Los Angeles since 1922, in 1916 they started painting their trucks their trademark brown. The site was used for 40 years as UPS’s main distribution center for Los Angeles, as well as a garage for their delivery trucks. As a result of this, the ground water and soil were partially contaminated, probably to a similar degree to an automotive repair shop. The developers spent $600,000 cleaning up the site, and another $37,000,000 renovating the building.

Metallic roofed fourth Floor penthouse level was added in 2003

The UPS building was originally 3 stories tall, but the developers adding a two story 4th floor with soaring 20” ceilings on top to make the building larger.

Flower street lofts features 12 floor plans, one and two bedrooms, sqft from 1,200 to 1,600sqft. Units on floors 1-3 have 15” ceilings. It feels like a cathedral in some ways, when you walk into a unit, there is a long aisle that leads straight to a great open room that is the living room + Dinning Room + Kitchen and has an exterior glass wall.

It is very bright, and has nice views on the North Side and West facing sides. The units have a very industrial feeling with exposed pipes and metallic ducting that occupies the airspace above.

I love the kitchens in these units- they are wonderful. They have an open style with plenty of overhead cabinets, stone countertops, and a four person breakfast bar- which is great for eat in kitchen or having a party.

Some units in the building have installed a loft to take advantage of all the extra air space. The developer did not include these standard- so some buyers negotiated to have them installed while others didn’t. These don’t function great as bedrooms (to make a 2br into a 3br) but make good guest bedrooms. The reason is that the two bathrooms for the unit are all the way on the other side of the units near the entry. They work great as office or studio spaces. These lofts function great for artists.

Even though owner has this divider, since the space isn’t enclosed you can hear and be heard

The bedrooms in Flower Street lofts aren’t the best. One of the difficulties with loft style living is that it is so open sometimes it is difficult to have private space- especially when it comes to bedrooms. Owners have made room dividers to make the bedrooms more private, but I find that for the unit size, the bedrooms are on the smaller size of what you would expect and a little awkward with the overall layout. The floorplans maximize the community living space- but at the expense of the bedrooms.

This is why you live in a loft- look at this space!

Another difficulty with loft style living is very little storage. You just have less closet space in lofts, and less walls to place bureaus, desks, or wardrobes against. Some owners in the building have used their oversized hallways to place rows of shelving to increase storage. The best thing to do is follow the zen belief and keep your personal possessions minimal. There’s no where to put something away outside of view, so whatever you see, works best if it is pleasing to the eye.

Fourth Floor Hallway

First Floor Hallway, when you enter from the ground level, you look down the first floor hallway before taking the elevator or stairs up (if you are on floors 2, 3, or 4) It’s really pretty and very memorable.

One thing I like about Flower Street lofts is that the hallways are in the open air and the HOA has put a lot of greeniery in the hall ways. It’s just a really nice outdoor feeling walking in the halls- some condo building hallways can feel so claustrophobic. And they installed a fountain for good measure

2 bedroom units are selling in between $500,000 and $650,000. 1 bedroom units sell around $400,000. Hoa dues are $700 a month.

A big bonus for Flower Street Lofts is that Ralphs and now Target have moved into neighborhood on nearby 9th Street. Flower is inbetween 11th– and 12th. This makes it really convenient to live here.

All the units have in unit laundry.

Parking for the building is a little bit interesting. The Developer purchased the top floor of a parking garage next store for Flower Street Lofts- each unit has two parking spaces- there are a total of 182 spaces. This is a real plus for the 1br units- it is very rare to get two parking spaces for a 1br. The parking structure is attached to the building by a gated entry skyway on the fourth floor.

Skyway on 4th floor connects to parking garage across the ally on the east side of the buiding.

 Each residence has a covered parking spot and an outside parking spot. Spots are a mix of full sized and compact. A few very unlucky units had their parking spots outside of the gate that divides the parking garage from the Flower Streets floor. When there is game night sometimes visitors park in their spots! You definitely want to check exactly where and what kind of spots are with the unit. I have heard from owners that the parking lot management company has been a real pain the past few years, trying to charge the HOA for utilities and water for the restaurant down the street as well as raising the parking rates by 5% each year.

Gated entrance at the end of the skyway, to the left is full sized uncovered parking, and the right is uncovered compact car parking- the garage is covered in the direction of where the pedestrian is walking. Each unit gets one parking spot covered and one uncovered.

The east side of the building is the quite side. You don’t get the great views like the West does but the west also don’t have the noise from the Blue Line and Expo line enter the flower tunnel just after Pico Station.

Pico Station

Flower Tunnel Entrance

The trains run every 10 minutes or so throughout the day. The hours are 6am to midnight. The noise from the train passing by isn’t very loud, even though it is close, and it only lasts for a few seconds as the metro speeds underground to its next destination. The proximity of Flower lots to the metro can be a real plus for access to public transportation. It is really easy to take the metro instead of driving.


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