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Fiduciary Duty

Real Estate agents have a fiduciary duty to their clients. The main idea is that as the client’s agent- you represent their best interest. As a fiduciary I owe my clients:

Loyalty– Always represent the client’s best interest.

Confidentiality– Information clients share with me in confidence is not shared with outside parties, unless client expressly gives permission. The price client is willing to pay or accept, the terms under which client is willing to make an agreement, and the motivation for purchase or sale, are to be kept strictly confidential.

Disclosure– Everything I know, my client knows. I will disclose all material facts.

Obedience– I will carry out all my client’s instructions.

Reasonable Care– I will provide my client with the highest standard of care in performing my duties as a real estate agent.

Accounting– Total transparency. I will provide client with a full accounting of all client funds and their dispersion.


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