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Deeded Parking

When buying a Condo it is good idea to double check to make sure that the property’s parking spaces are deeded to the unit (and the ones you were shown are in fact the right ones!). Some buildings, like The Churchill in the Wilshire Corridor don’t even have deeded parking spaces. The Churchill valets park cars in the garage wherever they fit. The Granville in West Hollywood has a seniority assigned parking system.
To check whether the condo unit has deeded parking, and which spaces they are, you will need to look at two documents:

  1. Grant Deed (with legal description)
  2. Condo Plan (with Parking Plat Map)

The grant deed for the property can be from any previous sale. It’s usually two or three pages. The first page is the actual deed- and the other pages are exhibits.

Page 1 of Grant Deed, Legal Description for this Grant deed is on Exhibit “A”

We need an “exhibit” that gives the legal description of the property – if the property has deeded parking this section will say how many parking spaces and what location the parking spots in the garage are.

In this example we see that parking spaces 46G and 47G are deeded to the property

Real Estate agents can get grant deeds from the public records, or have your title company get this document.

Condo Plan

When condos are built or converted, the developer must record a Condo Plan with the county. Get the condo plan from your title company. The plan will have plat maps for the division of air space for each level in the building, including the parking garage(s). The parking spaces are labeled with their parking space number.

Compare the parking spaces that were on the legal property description exhibit from the grant deed with the parking map– are they in the right location? If so, you are good to go.


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