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Buyer Closing-Day

Closing on a home is a very exciting. Now that you are officially the new owner here is my to do list for new homeowners to hit the ground running!

‘Delivery of Keys’ by Pietro Perugino, 1481

You’ve completed your final walk through and signed the loan documents and wired cash for the remaining balance of the purchase price. The loan has funded, and the deed has been recorded.

Congratulations, you have just closed!!

Once the deed has been recorded, You are officially the new owner of the property.

Here are some things to do now as the new owner:

Pick up the Keys

The listing agent will hand you or your agent the keys (gate keys, house keys, mailbox keys), garage door openers, remotes, and anything else that passes along with the property. Sometimes organized sellers have the manuals for their appliances and equipment and will leave these too. 


Bert from ALL LA Key Service 818-558-5083

Every Realtor recommends rekeying your property after you close because there is no telling who has a copy of the old keys- a neighbor, a friend or relative of the previous owner, a contractor that has done work on the property, who knows. Also, if the property was on a lockbox while it was for sale, anybody with the lockbox combination had access to the keys while the property was on the market and could have made a copy. Perhaps the property was rented at some point by the previous owner before they sold it and some ex-tenant out there somewhere has a key. The only way to be sure that your property is secure after you close is to change or rekey the locks. Expect to pay about $400-$500 for this service

Switch Utilities

For a smooth move in, try to avoid closing on Fridays or near the end of the month. Public utility companies work business days M-F, not on the weekends or holidays. The typical time to start new service is 2-3 business days. If you close on a Friday, the earliest you can start new service is Tuesday or Wednesday. Not fun to live with no hot water, no heat, no light, no stove, and no power for 4-5 days.

Most people move the 1st of the month. If you are trying to start service during this time, expect to add 2-3 days in delays because it is busy. Avoid closing at the end of the month, there will be less wait time to start new service.


There are two major providers of electricity in Los Angeles- The Department of Water and Power (DWP) and Edison. The DWP services the city of Los Angeles, and Edison services the county and some of the incorporated cities.

The Department of Water and Power- DWP


Average time to set up new service is 2-3 business days.

To set up new service call: 1-800-342-5397 or 818-342-5397





Gas is harder to turn on than electricity because the gas company is liable for gas leaks. It is not just a simple matter of flipping a switch and reading a meter. When the Gas Company turns on the gas, they must test every gas appliance for leaks. It takes about 30 minutes to check everything.

This picture shows a gas meter with a lock. When the gas is shut off, the gas company places a lock on the gas valve so that it cannot be turned back on. If you see this lock, then service is disconnected and you will need the gas company to come out. As a side note, if the gas company comes to a property to read a meter, and the property appears to be vacant, they are required to shut off the gas. 

The Peak season for gas companies is Nov 1st – April 30th, you will have longer wait times to set up service during the winter months, instead of 2-3 business days, expect 4-5 business days. The worst week to set up service is around January 1st because they get a very big backlog from all the holidays around that time so plan for extra time in Late December, early January. 

The Gas Company


Internet and Cable 

I am finding more people just getting internet these days, but one of the big draws to cable is still sports. The two main cable company providers on the Westside and Valley are Spectrum and ATT.

Spectrum (Formerly Time Warner)spectrum.com 1-855-243-8892
ATT Uverseatt.com1-800-288-2020
Comcast Xfinitycomcast.com1-800-934-6489
Verizon Fios (only Southbay)verizon.com

Hire Gardner/Pool Man

If you need a gardener or pool man, I like to start by asking the seller who they are using and if they are good. Many times it is easier to just continue using the same gardener and pool man. Make sure to ask how much they are paying each month- I know from experience that pool and gardener prices sometimes go up when there is a new owner so it is a good idea to check how much the seller is currently paying as a reference. If you don’t want to use the seller’s people- then ask your real estate agent, friends, or new neighbors for a referral.

What is my Trash Pickup Day?

You can look up your trash collection day on the Los Angeles Sanitation Department’s homepage:

Check my trashpickup day


Black Bins are for garbage, Blue Bins are for Recycling, and Green bins are for yard clippings.

Get Parking Permits

There are quite a few parking districts in the city of Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles Parking District Map (Each Grey area is a different district)

Los Angeles Obtain Parking Permit Handout


Update your Mailing Address

You can update your mailing address with the US Post office by going to a post office and getting a change of address form, or change your mailing address online at the United States Postal Service website:

USPS Change of Address

Remove the For Sale Sign

Now that the property is all yours you will want the for sale sign taken down. Most listing agents remember to take their sign down, but sometimes they can forget. Send the listing agent a reminder if they forget to Remove their Yard Sign after the close.

Special Closing Items for Condos

If you purchased a Condo, register yourself as the new owner with the property management company managing the building or the HOA. You will usually get a new owner information form along with your HOA disclosures. If the building has an intercom entry system you will want to change the number on the intercom to your phone number, and if your mailbox doesn’t have your name or unit number on it- you can add a label on it with your name.

Some High Rise condo buildings have special move-in/move-out procedures. The HOA documents should give you the specifics on those procedures before you close. Sometimes these can include a moving fee. 


Before you move in all your things, it is usually a really great time for interior paint if you want to change the colors of the walls or personalize a room with an accent wall.


Hang your art

.. and finally, the Last thing to do is plan your housewarming party!!! 


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