Chimney Repairs

If you have had a chimney inspection, you can sometimes just send the chimney inspection report to a chimney contractor to get estimates, otherwise you will have to call a chimney repair company and set up an appointment with an estimator.

Common Repairs and Costs:

Complete Chimney Masonry Rebuild- $20,000 to $25,000 for Single Story.
Install New Metal Chimney: $5,000-$10,000. $5,000 just for the stack, $10,000 if the stack and firebox. You can keep cost down by stuccoing the chimney instead of rebuiding with stone veneers.

Install New Spark Arrestor:

Chimneys missing a spark arrestor is one of the most common thing I see. If your chimney doesn’t have something covering the flue- water when it rains will just go straight down the chimney and into your house which is not good. In addition to keeping water out of the inside of your house, spark arrestors prevent burning embers from traveling up the chimney and escaping. Burning embers can start fires. While you may not want to keep Santa Claus from visiting you at Christmas, you definitely don’t want animals looking for a warm, safe, sheltered space to make home. Some common chimney intruders are Birds, Squirrels, Raccoons, Bats, and Roof rats. Spark Arrestors are really easiest to install.  Cost $400 – $500
Water Should flow away from the Flue so it doesn’t get inside the chimney
New Chimney Cap: Overtime the cap of the mortar of the chimney can weather and crack since it is outside in the elements. Like drainage around the foundation of your house, you want water to be channeled away from the flue of your chimney, where it can get inside and cause mold, water damage, or wear out your chimney faster. Cost:
Chimney Extension: Chimney can sometimes be too short to get proper ventilation, or meet code, or prevent embers from escaping. extending the chimney adds a few feet of extra feet of height to the stack. If you are on a budget you can extend a chimney with a sheet metal flue extender and save some cost. Sheet Metal Extension Cost $1,000 Masonry Extension Cost $3,000
Parge Coat: The Mortor between bricks in Chimney Fireboxes can wear out over time allowing some of the heat and burning embers to escape the firebox into the cavity in the wall. This is a fire hazard. Resealing the firebox with a Parge Coat gives your chimney new life. Cost $1,000 to $1,500. The cost depends on if the damper needs to replaced (extra $200), and how big the firebox is. A normal size firebox is the $1,250 range- a huge firebox like you might find in Beverly Hills or Brentwood house on a 3 story chimney could be $2,000 or $3,000 to coat.
Chimney Sweeping:

Chimney Repair Companies:

Fireplace Freddy

Parkstone Construction

Boston Brick and Stone

Fireplace Solutions

Socal Chimney

The Chimney Guy

A note for condos: A lot of chimney repair companies do not like working on chimneys in condo buildings because the HOA can be difficult to work with. There are only a few companies I know of who do them.

Chimney Repair Compans for Condos:

Fireplace Solutions


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