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Matthew Perry’s Luxury Penthouse

Matthew Perry’s Luxury Penthouse on the Top of the Los Angeles Century Condos

Penthouse 40, is located on the 40th floor of The Century Condos. It is a 42-story luxury condominium in Los Angeles. This luxury building has had famous owners. These include Candy Spelling, Paula Abdul, Rihanna, and Matthew Perry.

The former actor of Friends bought this “Mansion in the Sky” in 2017 for 20 million dollars. With the help of architect Scott Joyce and interior designer LM Pagano, he transformed the interior of the apartment. But after two years, the actor decided to sell the penthouse for twice as much as he had bought it for. Although “Friends” ended in 2004, the band continues to make cash.

Between two shootings, Matthew Perry devotes himself to his passion: real estate. This apartment with a splendid view across the city of Los Angeles is located in Hollywood. It has a living area of more than 865 square meters, with 4 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. But as you may imagine, there is a lot more to the decor than just this. Keep reading to find out what the interior design of this flying mention reveals on Matthew Perry’s likes and dislikes.

Matthew Perry’s Journey From Ottawa to Los Angeles

Since his beginnings in Ottawa, Perry has come a long way. As a child, he attended the same school as current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His mother was the secretary to former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. But this knowledge did not allow Matthew to launch his career in film. To fulfill his dreams and plans, he decided to move to Los Angeles when he was only 15 years old.

Once there, he worked on his acting career in this film capital where dreams come true. The effort paid off! Perry landed the now well-known role of Chandler Bing in the series Friends. Needless to say, it was a huge success, and his acting career benefited greatly from it. He is more often referred to as Chandler than Matthew, so much his character sticks to him.

And who says great acting career, says great financial success. Perry was thus able to concentrate on his second passion, that of luxury real estate. The 49-year-old actor is no novice when it comes to real estate transactions. Over the past decade or so, Perry has bought, remodeled and sold fabulous homes, the majority of which were located in California. Matthew Perry’s value is estimated at approximately $80 million.

 He decided to part with this property on 1 W Century Drive because he now spends more time on the East Coast and in Malibu. There he developed a new series in which he plays the role of Ted Kennedy.

Matthew Perry is Selling his Penthouse in Los Angeles for $35 million

Matthew Perry’s a real estate genius. In 2017, the unforgettable Chandler Bing star in “Friends” paid the princely sum of 20 million dollars for this luxurious penthouse.

After buying the property, the actor devoted himself to the complete transformation of the apartment. He wanted to take advantage of its position on the 40th floor of the building to make it a contemporary dream. He turned it into a real mansion in the sky.

This level of luxury is unattainable for most luxury properties in the city. So Perry knew what he was investing his time and money in. The result is close to what he had planned. The living room is filled with windows along its entire length and height. It’s a kind of transparent wall, where the glittering city of Los Angeles looks like wallpaper. A veritable paradise perched on top of the City of Angels. No doubt Perry felt like he was on top of the world. Everyone would feel that way if they lived in a home-like this.

After having spent these two years renovating and redecorating the place, the actor is claiming 35 million dollars. It gave him a nice capital gain of 15 million dollars. It has become the most expensive apartment in Los Angeles.

Matthew Perry had already sold a house in Malibu in 2015 for $10.65 million. He still owns another waterfront residence in the same area that he bought in 2011 for $12 million. In early 2018, he also sold a house on Sunset Strip for $12.5 million.

How Does Matthew Perry’s Los Angeles Penthouse Look Like?

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The 9,300 square foot penthouse has four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, four terraces, a projection room and a master suite with a sitting area and fireplace. The master bedroom has a splendid panoramic view of the town from the top of its 40th floor.

Built in 2009, Century Condos has a total of:

  • 42 floors
  • 140 units
  • 24-hour concierge and security service
  • 1 fitness studio
  • four acres of private gardens and botanical trails
  • 1 wine warehouse
  • 1 oversized swimming pool with cabins
  • Indoor parking spaces of which three are reserved for Perry

Ideally located, the penthouse is in Los Angeles, about 20 minutes drive from Santa Monica. With the help of architect Scott Joyce and interior designer LM Pagano, Matthew Perry transformed the interior of the apartment in about two years. The penthouse boasts an “amazing palette of textures and colors that are both contemporary and classic,” according to the designers.

The interior is filled with plush seats and carpets. These contrast sharply with the many sculpted lights and the white marble that covers many surfaces such as the kitchen for example. It also contains a home cinema, which he has furnished with oversized velvet chairs and a screen covering the entire wall surface.

In this custom-made interior, fans can enter into Matthew Perry’s most intimate secrets and biggest obsessions. The actor’s signature and Batman’s decorations are displayed in a corridor that he has furnished with souvenirs and figurines of the iconic superhero, images from the home cinema.

But that’s not all. The presentation also includes remote-controlled curtains and jet-liner views across the city, from the Hollywood sign to the Pacific Ocean.


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