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Candy Spelling’s Luxury Penthouse

Candy Spelling is a woman who likes her comfort. Her former mansion in Holmby Hills can prove it! The widow of television mega-producer Aaron Spelling decided to downsize and simplify her life by selling the splendid mansion and move to Century City. She temporarily settled in a rented property in Carlyle. Just enough time to renovate her new apartment at the Century Condos. The latter is comparable to a mansion, but this time it is high up on the 42nd floor of this imposing tower. Despite the great height of the property, it contains a projection room, spiral staircases, and a saltwater swimming pool. Yet despite this incredible luxury, Candy wanted to change apartments once again and move into the newly constructed building across the street. She allegedly had a legal dispute with the owners of her flying mansion. Keep reading to learn more about Candy Spelling’s real estate adventures.

Candy Spelling: From Mansion to $47 Million Condo

Candy Spelling spent a large part of her life at the heavenly Holmby Hills Manor. The decision to leave this 56,500 square foot property was a shock to both her loved ones and to the public. The house was not only spacious but more importantly, it was of unparalleled beauty, charm, and elegance. It was built in the style of a French chateau. It includes:

  • A wine tasting room
  • A bowling alley
  • A silver room
  • A porcelain room
  • A gift-wrapping room

This mansion was something extraordinary. But Spelling decided to continue his life in a condominium building. If this sounds like a waste, don’t worry. She didn’t choose that property randomly. Although the surface area is slightly lower, the level of luxury offered by this Hollywood condominium exceeds any other property.

Candy has gone from an earthly paradise to a more elevated one. Her apartment is located on the top floor of the 42-floor tower. Through her bay window, she can see not only her former home but the entire city of Los Angeles and even the mountains surrounding it. In many interviews, Candy has stated that living in this apartment is no different than living in a house. It may even be better.

 Real estate experts say that a lifestyle in this type of housing is the new trend in the world of luxury. Wealthier personalities want to get rid of the responsibilities that come with buying a house. The Century offers incredible comfort without the responsibility of maintaining its spaces.

The Century Condos

Candy Spelling didn’t choose just any residence. This is the most luxurious residential condominium in Los Angeles. Her apartment was appraised at $2,848 per square foot, for a total of $47 million for the entire apartment. That is a record for this type of housing, even in Los Angeles, which is well known for this kind of spending. “I am convinced that I have found the first penthouse, building, and developer in Los Angeles,” she says.

However, the price is somehow justified because it is located on the top floor of the tower. It has a breathtaking view of the whole city, the ocean, and even the mountains. Designed by the renowned architecture firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP, The Century is a symbol of evolution. It represents excellence in architecture and urban planning. The penthouse offers an exceptional range of services and amenities of unparalleled luxury.

 Candy Spelling is a typical client of this structure, which was designed from the outset for residents who love comfort and luxury. They can enjoy it without the burden of homeownership. On the contrary, this penthouse looks more like a 5-star hotel or a luxury resort. The equipment is state-of-the-art, even ahead of its time. The best part is that the residents can enjoy them without contributing to their

Inside Candy Spelling’s $47 Million Penthouse

Spelling said she is working with her own architects and designers to develop her apartment in her own unique way. However, certain details have been negotiated with the building’s owners.

The lower floor has a living room with two large fireplaces, both of which are in working order. There is also a spacious dining room, which can accommodate up to 25 people at a time. The staff has their own suite inside the apartment.

 On the 42nd floor are the bedrooms, including a master suite which alone is over 4000 square feet in size. There is also:

  • A massage room
  • A gym
  • A winter garden
  • A rose garden
  • A swimming pool
  • A terrace
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Candy Spelling Suing the Condo for Mismanagement

Candy recently sued the Century Property Owners Association. She went to the Superior Court of Los Angeles on the grounds of:

  • Mismanagement
  • Concealment of financial information
  • Arrogance on the part of the staff

Among other things, Candy alleges that the association failed to maintain and repair community spaces. This prevented her from enjoying the many activities and privileges she signed up for. It also allegedly did not provide a level of security necessary for this type of building. She also insisted on being denied access to the association’s books and financial records. She was expecting more transparency for the price she was paying.

It is not yet clear why she wants access to these records. In the lawsuit, she believes that other residents of the same building are making the same comments and accusations. She is not the only one to be dissatisfied. Candy alone is claiming more than $3 million in damages.


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