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Harry Gesner

Harry Gesner is a naturalist and independent architect that was inspired by the muse of the ocean and his love of surfing, to build many homes in the Malibu hills, and all over Los Angeles. He is one of my favorite architects

Non Permitted Work

Non Permitted Work can be risky if the construction work was done poorly. The quality of the construction work will depend on who the installer was and the materials used.

Los Angeles Eviction

Evictions are a last resort. When everything else fails you have no choice but to evict. If the writing is on the wall for an eviction there is no sense wasting time to get started – nasty evictions can take several months.

Los Angeles Building Permits

Building permits are two things: a process for quality control in building and a detailed record of construction history. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety regulates construction in the city. It is their goal to make sure...

Batchelder Tile

Ernest A. Batchelder, 1875-1957, was a leading Arts and Crafts movement tile maker during the 1920s. Batchelder had a vivid imagination- the tiles that he created depict scenes from storybooks, mythical creatures