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Beverly Hills Public Elementary Schools

Beverly Hills Unified School district has four K-8 public schools. They are El Rodeo School, Beverly Vista School , Hawthorne School, and Horace Mann School.

In 1913 when Beverly Hills was incorporated, Canyon School was the first elementary school in Beverly Hills. Canyon has since moved and been renamed Hawthorne School which it is known as today. Beverly Vista was established 1924 and El Rodeo shortly after in 1927. Hawthorne Elementary was built last in 1929.

Hawthorne School

Situated in the heart of Beverly Hills is Hawthorne School. Located on Rexford drive north of Santa Monica Boulevard, Hawthorne school is short distance to world famous Rodeo Drive, not what one would expect from a school that started with such humble beginnings.


The former Canyon School which later became Hawthorne was a one-room portable school bungalow, topped by a belfry like a church, and it stood in a bean field north of Sunset, at the entrance to Coldwater Canyon. On June 23, 1914, the electors of Beverly Hills met formally to exchange school sites, when Rodeo Land and Water Company deeded to the school district a 3.98-acre tract of land at the corner of Elevado and Gwendolyn Drive ( later renamed Rexford), in exchange for the school lot north of sunset.

On June 29, 1914, bids were opened for the construction of the new building, and designed by Architect W. J. Dodd, and in the fall of that year Mrs. Wood, three teachers, and the handful of students moved to the new school, called Beverly Hills Grammar School, later renamed Hawthorne School which it is known as today.

Enrollment in 2010 was 677 students. Student enrollment incuded 17% of students receiving special education services, 11% qualifying for English Learner Support, and 4% enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program.

The PTA is very active at Hawthorne School and parents will like being an active member in the school community. To get involved with the PTA, contact the school office, your child’s teacher, the PTA president, or the school administrators.

Hawthorne School scored 908 the statewide API in 2010. Hawthorne School’s mascot is a Viking.

Beverly Vista School

Located in the southern region of Beverly Hills, Beverly Vista is located on Elm street just below Wilshire Boulevard. Enrollment in 2010 school year for Beverly Vista was 710 students. The curriculum for K-5 students is provided in a self-contained classroom while students in grades 6-8 rotate classrooms for their lessons. 13% of enrolled students received special education services. 13,7% of students qualified for English Learner support, and 3% of enrolled students participated in the free or reduced lunch program.

Parent involvement is encouraged at Beverly Vista, there are volunteering opportunities for parents who want to become involved and there are numerous events throughout the school year that parents may attend along with their children such as Back to School Night, Celebration of Books, Book fairs, Open house, student performances, BV fun day, and of course graduation.

Beverly Vista has an API of 904, that is truly outstanding. Beverly Vista’s mascot is a Bulldog.

El Rodeo School

Located just north of Beverly Hills High school on the western boarder of Beverly Hills just north of Wilshire Boulevard is El Rodeo Elementary School. Enrollment in 2010 was 700 students. 10% of enrolled students received special education services. 8% of students qualified for English Learner support and 3% of enrolled students participated in the free or reduced lunch program.

El Rodeo offers various volunteering opportunities, such as volunteering at the library, chaperoning field trips, and fundraising. El Rodeo like Beverly Vista has a very packed social calendar with Back to School Night, Open House, Multicultural Dinner, Outdoor Education, student performances, Family BBQ, Ice Cream Social, Bedtime for Books, Science Olympiad, Music Theater, and Student Variety Show.

El Rodeo scored 902 on API in 2010. El Rodeo’s mascot is the bald Eagle.

Horace Mann School

The School is named after Horace Mann http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Mann a early American Massachusetts native who became well known during his political career as an education reformer. Mann fought for the creation of public education and many states adopted a version of the public school system Horace Mann set up in Massachusetts, using it as a model.

Located in the eastern region of Beverly Hills, Horace Mann school is on Charleville Boulvard. Total enrollment for 2010 was 600 making it slightly smaller in student body then the other Elementary Schools. The school wide API ranking in 2010 was 898.

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