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Benedict Canyon Real Estate

Benedict Canyon is an entirely residential neighborhood actively preserved by its caring community. At the heart of its pristine natural beauty are some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious luxury homes, some of which are architectural gems. If you want to live in the city’s hidden treasure, get in touch with James Collin Campbell. 

James is a Benedict Canyon real estate expert, recognized for his expertise and dynamism. For all your real estate projects in Los Angeles, he and his team will be at your service and make sure you get the exact deal you wanted on your investment.

Frequently asked questions about Benedict Canyon

What famous people live in Benedict Canyon?

Hollywood is full of celebrities at any time of the year, but the largest concentration of famous people living in Los Angeles lies on a few streets in Beverly Hills, including Benedict Canyon Drive. This famous road runs through the entire neighborhood and is home to many world-famous people such as Mickey Rourke, David Beckham, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Springsteen, Ingrid Bergman, Harold Lloyd, Jay Leno, David Geffen and Ron Burkle. 

What is Benedict Canyon famous for?

The Benedict Canyon neighborhood is part of Beverly Hills, and so falls within the world-famous 90210 zip code of Los Angeles. This is also where you will find many of the area’s most upscale homes. The central artery of the neighborhood is Benedict Canyon Drive. This famous road stretches north from the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle and ends at Mulholland Drive. It also runs through the Santa Monica Mountains. This very sought-after location makes Benedict Canyon one of the most easily accessible areas in Los Angeles, offering many of the best amenities that the city has to offer. 

Where is Benedict Canyon located?

Benedict Canyon is located on the Westside of LA. It’s a steep downhill gully running down from the ridgeline of the Santa Monica mountains. To the north of this lovely neighbourhood is Sherman Oaks, Beverly Glen is on the west side, Beverly Park and Franklin Canyon lie on the east, and the rest of Beverly Hills runs towards the south. 

How did Benedict Canyon get its name?

Previously, Benedict Canyon was part of Rancho de las Aguas, which encompassed all of what is now Beverly Hills. The Canyon was named by Edson A. Benedict. This Missouri merchant settled here in 1868. He and his family began developing an apiary that was so successful that a year later they allegedly made a single delivery of 20,000 kg of honey from the Santa Monica Pier. Pierce E. Benedict, one of Edson’s boys, joined the board of directors of the city of Beverly Hills which was founded sometime later.

How’s the Benedict Canyon real estate?

Benedict Canyon is the only neighborhood in Los Angeles that is entirely residential. In the northern part of the neighborhood are the 107 subdivisions known as Benedict Hills. The nearby Benedict Hills Estates includes 229 homes. These properties are located between Deep Canyon and Mulholland Drive, just east of Hutton. 

Some are small family houses with about 2 bedrooms per unit, others are large luxury mansions considered the architectural pinnacle of LA. The most prestigious of these estates are high up in the hills, out of public sight. The median year of construction for Benedict Canyon homes is 1960. For more information about Benedict Canyon real estate, contact James Collin Campbell.

Is Benedict Canyon a gated community?

In the upper reaches of Benedict Canyon is the luxurious gated community of Oak Pass Road with 40 homes of around 3 acres each. Some of these are the oldest buildings in Los Angeles, dating back to the 1930s. They obviously have been restored over the years and maintain their original glory. Access to Oak Pass Road is controlled, so the residents enjoy a great deal of privacy, lack of traffic, and high safety. They are also able to enjoy a variety of leisure activities built inside of the community. These include playgrounds for children and upscale amenities for adults. For more listings of Benedict Canyon homes for sale, reach out to James!

Is Benedict Canyon a good neighborhood?

One of the notable advantages of the Benedict Canyon neighborhood is its easy access to LA’s world-class amenities. In fact, it’s just a stone’s throw from the city’s most desirable and vibrant destinations, such as downtown Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks.

In addition to the many stores and restaurants, Benedict Canyon residents are delighted to have a direct connection to the beaches of Malibu or the Santa Monica Mountains which are literally in their backyard.

The presence of a strong community is also important to mention. The Benedict Canyon Association (BCA) dates back to 1948 and continues to be super active to this day. It is because of them that the nature around the neighborhood has been preserved and that it is 100% residential. Their efforts have made Benedict Canyon one of the most beautiful, safe, and livable neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Looking for a Benedict Canyon house for sale? Get in touch with James!

How’s the community in Benedict Canyon?

The Benedict Canyon Association (BCA) is the finest example of neighborhood activism. For over 70 years, the BCA has been dedicated to preserving the beauty, safety, environment and quality of life in the Canyon, which is currently the only fully residential area in the city. 

The residents also oversee the type of homes built in the neighborhood, and prohibit the exceeding 11 meters in height. This regulation helped defeat the Mark Hughes hilltop villa project. 

The residents are also involved in beautification projects for the city and the environment. Adopt Fire Station 99 is another notable community organization that often collaborates with the BCA on many aspects of community life. 

What recent customers say about James

“James is a tireless bundle of energy with the biggest heart. His brilliant mind and understanding of the Real Estate market is astounding. His honesty, integrity and kindness are what make him more special to work with.”

– Elizabeth Roper

“Mr. Campbell one of the best real estate agents I have ever had, since I own several properties in hollywood and elsewhere. He will go out of his way to help me rent my property out. He is indeed one of a kind. Thank you!”

– Golnar Hakimpour

“I hired James to rent 2 high end apartments during Covid and the fires. James was able to rent both units in 3 weeks and at full asking price! He is always quick to respond and goes above and beyond to make things work perfectly.”

– Dylan Treivush

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