James Colin Campbell

James Colin Campbell

LA Real Estate Agent
DRE License #01817777

301 N Canon Drive, Beverly Hills CA 90210



About James:

James’ story begins in a small bungalow near Larchmont Village. James is a second-generation realtor, his mother Susan Campbell sold real estate in Hancock Park for broker Cutler Dippell of Dippell Realty in the 1980s.

James got into the real estate business because he wanted to be a landlord. Income is the number #1 Benefit of Real Estate. He started with zero money. He figured that if he could help people buy and sell real estate well, that he would eventually own several investment properties of his own. 

James believes owning your own home is one of the best ways to reach financial freedom and one of the safest places to put your hard-earned money. The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of where we live. Need some real estate assistant? Let’s connect!

While James was born in California he spent most of his growing up in Minnesota. James new after many freezing cold winters that he was heading West after college.

James started real estate right out of college. That was 2007 right before the great recession. This experience taught James that the real market moves in two directions, both up and down. Through sheer determination, James was able to survive the down market and thrive.

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