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9A Report

What is an 9A Report and why do you need it?

The 9A Report is required by the City (Not the County) of Los Angeles as a disclosure for real estate sales. Section 96.300 L.A.M.C.  The 9A  report has lot of useful information for the buyer. The report is a small fee to the seller.  LADBS has a create article on this topic aswell if you’d like to read https://www.ladbs.org/services/getting-started/requirements-when-selling

When is a 9A Required?

The A9 Report is only required for property sales in the city of Los Angeles. Other cities may have their own reports (Inglewood has their own)

How do I order a 9A report?

Escrow (LINK) usually orders the 9A report from the city. But anybody can order a 9A report you just have to pay and fill out the form. You can order it two ways: by mail or online.

Mail takes 7-10 business days, online 3-4 business days.

To order by mail requires a personal check, ordering online works with a credit card.

This is the link to order a 9A report online: http://netinfo.ladbs.org/autores/autores.nsf (click Request for RPR). The report costs $70.80. This is typically a seller side closing cost.

Who pays for the 9a Report?

9A report is customarily a seller side closing cost.

How much does a 9A Report Cost?

The 9A Report cost is $70.80

What does an 9A Report look like?

9A Report Page 1

City of Los Angeles 9A Report Page 2

How do I read an 9A Report? What should I be looking for?

The main thing I look for on the 9A report is if the property has any special tax assessments. Paragraph VI B. of the 9A report is what you want to look at to check if there are any special tax assessments. At the bottom of the liens and assessments, make sure the property is “cleared of all items“. This means that there are no special tax assessments.

In addition to assessment information the 9A report also has information on certificates of occupany, zoning, sewer permit, and an owner’s declaration that indicates retrofit compliance (LINK). These items are covered in other inspections and reports so they aren’t important.

In this example Paragraph IV B shows if there is a certificate of occupancy for the property and how many have been issued. The 9A report usually has all certificate of occupancy issued attached to the end of the report. In the below example 3 CofO’s were issued for the property.


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