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Faubourg St. Denis

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Address 308 N Sycamore Ave

French was popular during the revival period in Los Angeles, Architecture ranging from the 1920’s through the 1930’s. Luxury home owners love French- it is very much in favor to this day. Faubaurg St Denis is an excellent example of Chateauesque-French Norman Revival style architecture.

Front Facade

Built in 1928, the building was originally apartments with one apartment of each floor. Faubaurg St Denis was designed by architect James N. Conway. In 1930, Conway was also architect for two Mission-style garden apartments in Westwood that are now historic Cultural Monuments (Historic-Cultural Monument #446/447). The building was called the Beverly Sycamore.

The developer imagined building three similar buildings on each corner of Beverly Sycamore intersection, but those plans never came about.

Five-stories with steel frame construction, Faubaurg St Denis is H-shaped which results in no common walls for the units.

In 1987, the building was converted to condos. There are 22 total units. 4 units on each floor and two town house units in the rear of the property by N Orange Dr (Units #110 and #109).

The two buildings behind the pool are the townhouse units

Every Facades of the building is beautiful with slight variations on each side. Each façade is balanced symmetrically around a vertical centerline.

From Beverly

Quoin stones line the corners, slate tiles roof with louvered dormers and pinnacles, chimneys, wrought iron finials, balconies with balustrades, and decorative corbels

The entry gate is massive with triumphal-style arch, capped by a denticulated cornice. Ornate wrought iron gates enclose the courtyard.

The lobby has giant beamed ceilings, with crown molding. Marble fireplace and delft-style tile flooring.

Penthouse units on the fifth floor have Huge 18ft Vaulted ceilings and entryway skylights, and great views

3Br /2.5ba

Approx 2,000sqft units

HOA $1000 month


Pool, the pool is excellent

Gym – somewhat disappointing

Subterraine gated parking, garage entrance on Beverly. 2 parking spaces/ unit. There is no elevator in the garage and it is seperate from the building. So to get out of your car, you must come up the steps from the parking level, across the walkway and into the building then to the elevator. This can be a bit of a walk but nothing to complain about.

Stairway to Subterranean Garage


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